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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

He is easy to love

This little fella, right here....

has completely turned our lives upside down. He never sleeps, often refuses to eat, and always refuses to do anything but pull up on all the furniture, all the time...(ending in slips and bumped heads...every...5....minutes) He struggles to get down now when I try to snuggle him too much, he is always ready to go and cruise and move, and yet still never wants to rest. I love him more than words could describe, and when I look at these pictures of his little face, my heart feels like it might explode with love and pride.  He is not a particularly easy baby, but loving him is easy. And I thank God everyday for picking me to be his Mommy.
{ a busy little bee, note the one sock on, one sock off...that is his signature look...kinda like when LL Cool J rolled one pant leg for some unknown reason... (Am I severely dating myself by referring to LL Cool J?)}
An update on the "cry it out"....we did great for the first few days, and things seemed promising. We were able to get him to sleep in his own crib with like maaaaybe 5 minutes of fussing...and then he got a sniffly cold. And his congestion woke him up almost hourly, and I would have to pick him up and set him upright to get it to drain and give him some relief. And he couldn't suck his pacifier in order to put himself back to sleep, cause he couldn't breathe out of his widdle nose. And so...we are back a square one. He is waking up crying multiple times per night, and the only thing that consoles him is me picking him up and rocking him in our recliner. So...we will try again. His sniffles seem to be subsiding, so we will start over. Only now...he can pull up on his crib. And he stands at the bars screaming like some sort of unruly jail inmate, screaming for his release from this unjust imprisonment. It is just as much fun as it sounds. Oh, and did I mention, he still shares a room with us? I literally sleep (no I don't) about 3 feet away from him in my own bed. That isn't good enough. He must be touching me. Period. More on the shared room situation later. We have some things in the works to remedy this problem, but I don't want to talk about it here until some more things are finalized.
Stay tuned......
And while you wait enjoy this face:

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Cry it Out

So our little Piglet is 7 months old now. Well jeez, he is almost 8 months I guess...He is growing into a real person, with a personality, and expressions, and opinions.

He looks just like his Daddy:
{Top the Piglet...Bottom the Hubs..circa 1974ish...uncanny}
And while his looks seem to be all Daddy, his attitude seems to be all Momma. Crap..... 
Daddy is easy going and always calm. Momma is fussy, and gets easily frustrated by inanimate objects. check
Daddy is a rock, steady and rarely moody. Momma is prone to flit from one mood to the next, and can often be found muttering to myself about the ridiculousness of teenagers shoe choices, and ranting about the insanity of selfies. check
Daddy was a sweet child who wanted nothing more than to please his parents. (well, so he says. His sweet mother is no longer with us to tell me I guess I will have to believe him....)
Momma was a tantrum throwing baby, who would literally scream until I made myself throw up and pass out to get my way as a toddler. (my mother will definitely confirm this story)check...
Crap! the boy is just like me! He is fussy, and gets easily frustrated, he is moody, and can throw a fit that rivals Kanye West losing his music award to a country singer. But with that, we share a contemplative nature, and a drive to always accomplish more than we are really capable of, and a strong love for our very important people.
Oh that little Piglet. He likes to be held and cuddled, just like his momma. And lately, he only wants to sleep one way...being held and rocked.  We are getting up every hour or two to a screaming banshee child only to find the only relief is picking him up and rocking him....and NEVER.PUTTING.HIM.DOWN
The Hubs and I  had a talk over lunch today. We are thinking we have no choice but to let him "cry it out." We have a plan, and time limits, and we are going to try this in a slow gradual progression. And you know me, I researched the hell out of it.
And yet, I hate it. I want to do nothing but make him stop crying. It is an instinct I cannot shut off. I am so in love with this child, if I think about it too much it frightens me a bit. I love him more than I could ever describe with words. He looks to me for comfort and security and wants nothing more than for his Momma to hold him securely all night. So he can feel my breath and heartbeat, and I can feel his. But I know that at some point this is too much of a good thing. And as he gets older and more mobile, it will only get worse. (Many internet folks said once they can pull up on that are done for) And I cannot rock him all night every night. I know, I know all of that. I know he is certainly old enough to sleep through the night and he must learn to soothe himself.
Knowing all of that....It just doesn't make it any easier.
And so, we will take this fall, this plunge, together; both scared, and both not wanting to let the other go.
But we must.
I must teach my baby to fly with his own wings. Even if it is just baby steps, like sleeping in a crib alone...2 feet away from me.
So, tonight we cry it out...him...and me.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Making Butter

I had the crazy notion to make my own butter this past weekend, and I was so pleasantly surprised by the results.

First of all, it was SUPER easy, and only required a few steps. The process yielded rich, creamy, fluffy butter that tastes so pure and decadent. And, it is simple and quick enough to do while wrestling a six month old into his highchair and a six year old into his seat at the breakfast table.

You only really need one ingredient to make your own butter. Heavy cream. I added salt to my butter, because we like our salted butter in this house, but that is not required.

So ready to hear about how I sat at the butter churn all afternoon while building my tri-ceps?

Here goes:

Take your heavy cream and pour it into your blender.

Put that baby on high, and let it spin all by it's happy self for about 3-5 minutes.
It will go from "whipped cream" stage to "separating" stage. You can tell it is starting to separate because you will hear your blender start to sound like it is working harder, getting bogged down a bit, as it is now not whipping merrily through fluffy whipped cream, but chopping through more solid butter.

Once things have separated into fat and butter milk, you will need to strain out the "milk" that is left behind. I just used a rubber spatula to press out as much liquid as I could.

{Please disregard the sink full of dirty baby bottles.... I could edit them out, but you know me, I keep it real...Or I am just too lazy to edit them out, or wash them}
Once you have drained as much buttermilk off the butter as you can, you will need to "wash" your butter. This will whisk away any remaining buttermilk and make your butter last longer. Pour very ice cold water into your blender with the butter fat still inside. The icey water will not mix with the butter, nor melt the butter. Blend again for a few seconds. Then pour off the water and any remaining milk it has washed away.

To get as much liquid out as possible, I pressed paper towels into the bottom of the blender and allowed them to soak up any remaining moisture while I pressed the butter with the spatula to squish out any remaining milk and water.
At this point I folded in a teaspoon of salt, but that is just preference. Next time I am going to try to make cinnamon honey butter...yum

What you are left with is beautiful, creamy, rich butter. It is delicious, and sort of makes you feel like an empowered pioneer woman. But without the super ripped triceps from the all day butter churn.


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Rooster Crows

This little guy....this little gray fluffball who would immediately fall asleep in my hand....

has turned into this guy...
And he crows.....every hour, on the hour, starting at 05:00 am.

Well, at least he is consistent.

Friday, December 27, 2013

I couldn't say it any better

This picture of the Piglet describes exactley how I feel. Don't mind me, I'm just gonna close my eyes for a sec here, just keep partying around me, no, no I don't need a nap, just gonna...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
My favorite part is the lifeless arm that hangs straight down. What you must know is this picture was taken in the middle of Christmas day in a house full of people and children while an entire loud bustling Christmas party went on around him. We tried putting him in a quiet room in his swing for a nap earlier....but that was not working....aah much better.

Oh the week after Christmas....
My house: a wreck
My Tree: Dead and lifeless
My laundry pile: Avalanche level
My bed: Un made
My Give- a- Crap meter: 0

Hope you are all having a Merry "week after Christmas with weird lul inbetween new year, where your house stays a wreck and you aren't sure why you are at work because no one is working anyway week."

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Christmas Rat and Sheep Jesus

This is the Christmas Rat. He was named this by the Monkey. I always called him the Christmas Mouse, seemed more PC, but no, he tells it like it is, Ol' Christmas Rat. The Monkey has been fascinated with him ever since the Christmas boxes came out. He is a  decoration I brought with me from my single girl days, when all my decorations were cutesy and girly. The Rat is dressed like an elf and has a little ceramic bathtub he lounges in. I usually put him in the bathroom, give it a little whimsy and cheer.
The Monkey decided he needed a real bath the first night, filled his little tub, and dunked away. Meh, oh well. We squeezed him out and hung him up to dry. I have talked before about using your stuff, and that things have more meaning when they are used, and old, and worn, and have funny memories associated with them. No one ever laughs and giggles and sheds a tear over the pristine figurine that sits in a lighted glass case it's whole life. No, we will look back at this tattered, soggy rat someday and crack up at his adventures.

Christmas Rat now has quite the exciting life. He rides around a plastic speed boat in the bath tub each night, and sits atop a monster truck during the day, waiting for the Monkey to come back home from school and continue his adventure. It makes me think of a Children's book. How this little Rat lives such an exciting life one month out of the year...then waits patiently in his storage bin to rejoin his Monkey and continue his Christmas adventures. Hmmmm....I should write this think?
The Monkey is also fascinated with the Nativity scene this year. He loves moving all the porcelain people around, and gives me the look of questioning approval whenever a tiny "clink" happens. I just smile and remind him to be careful. Oh what a thrill it must be to be allowed and trusted to play with something that you know is delicate and treasured. So far, he has done so well. Only one sheep has a cracked foot, and I am almost certain that happened in the box in the attic.
The Monkey calls them "Baby Jesus, Mommy Jesus, Daddy Jesus, Sheep Jesus, and Donkey. Poor Donkey. Again, I will cherish the memories of Sheep Jesus forever, and will probably call him that when the Monkey is 30.
Beautiful life happens when we stop stressing about things, and just let life happen. So what if the Christmas Rat gets wet and soggy, he will dry. What fun adventures he would have missed if he was off limits!  Who cares if Daddy Jesus and Sheep Jesus end up a little least a little boy was interested enough in them to hear the story of Jesus's birth, and will remember the truth of Christmas forever.
Don't get me wrong, I am not going to let him drink red kool-aid in my brand new car anytime soon. I am not a hippy mom who says "oh you colored on the wall, what wonderful free expression" Um, no. But I am learning to let life with kids happen around me, and soak up the magic that they bring to my life, chips, stains, and memories.
Merry Christmas everyone. May your chipped cup runeth over with joy and love this Christmas. 
Oh and if you steal my Christmas Rat children's book idea I will sue you. Happy New Year! ;)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Nothing like a good night's sleep

03:00 am: Piglet is huffy. He doesn't cry much mind you, but huffs and puffs, and smacks his whole body down onto his crib mattress when he gets fussy. The Hubs calls him a click bug..whatever that is. He curls his whole body up like a C, then flattens out quickly, flopping himself around in protest of his cage er uh, crib.  Anyway, 03:00, Piglet: both legs shoved through the slats of the crib, legs flailing, huffing getting down right frantic. Mommy to the rescue...pulls legs through, and as thank you to Mommy for saving legs, Piglet will wake up fully and allow her to feed him. Thank you Mommy.

03:03am: Finally settled into feeding position on bed. Piglet happily eating his 03:00 celebratory bottle.  Mommy hears strange noises through out the house. Thumping, TV, movement. Is an intruder watching Super Why at 03:03!? Determined to kick intruder out, set Piglet down to go investigate. Piglet screaming for Mommy to return in 3...2...

03:05am: Discover The Monkey wide awake in the living room, watching TV, playing cars, eating cereal.  Mommy explains to Monkey that it is not in fact 08:00 but 03:05 and he is absolutly not to be up eating cereal and watching info-mercials on steam cleaners. He must go back to bed, lights off, party's over. Monkey starts wailing because mommy is just so unreasonable and mean in 3....2...

03:07am: Back to room where Piglet's cries are now being muffled by a large, very handsome I might add,  man who flops one arm out of bed onto the pacifier in Piglets mouth to quiet him until "Mommy the saver of legs" returns.  Back to feeding Piglet. Only eats 2 ounces... so sleepy, back to sleep, geez Mommy, it is like 03:00 am, how can I be expected to finish a whole bottle, so sleeeeeepy....

04:00am: Hubs is up, getting ready for work. Yes, special assignment, more crazy work hours, must leave house at 04:30. Mommy intermittently wakes up to tell him where she put his pants and tell him she loves him.

04:45am: Piglet decides he would very much like to finish that bottle now please.....nope...still too sleepy

05:15am: Alarm to wake up goes off, Mommy is already awake anyways.

05:18am: Shower, damn it! Mommy ran out of soap, welp will just have to smell like the Hubs today.

05:35am: Out of shower, trying to blow dry hair, but Piglet is still fussy.  Move dryer to plug next to bed so that Mommy can tickle Piglet's belly and keep him happy while blindly drying hair with no mirror. Meh, it prolly looks fine.

0550am: Still in towel, Ok Piglet is really hungry now! MUST EAT! Feed Piglet while in towel and attempting to put lotion on  face while holding bottle. The Monkey is now up again.

06:00am: Finish feeding Piglet, still in towel, go holler for Monkey to get dressed for school. remember, "Crap" he didn't get a bath last night .... needs bath....

06:10am: Mommy has on shirt and underwear, no pants, curlers in half damp hair doing nothing, still no makeup. Screw it we have to leave in 20 minutes, no bath for you Monkey, just get dressed. "No those jeans, no the jeans, no no shorts it is too cold, no jeans, no, no, ok fine those jeans are fine." Who are we trying to impress, you will already be the stinky kid today.

06:20am: Blindly brush half damp hair with no mirror while putting Piglet in his clothes, he laughs at the hilarious Mommy.

06:30am: Leave, leave, we must leave, out the door, "no you cannot go back in for more cars, no we cannot stop for donuts, no please put the pumpkins down, get in the car, get in the car, get in the....oh, it is locked, sorry buddy. "

07:00am : Drop Piglet off at grandmas: she informs me there is huge wreck and hazmat spill on  direct route to the Monkey's school, and work, must take alternative rout.

07:30am: Time to be dropping Monkey off, still not there, alternate route is alternate for all other people alive, still driving.

07:45am: Finally drop monkey off, pray no one notices he has had no bath.

08:00am: Slide into work just under the wire. Get asked if am "feeling alright"...wonder why... remember no makeup and half damp, no mirror hair.

Yay for Monday.