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Monday, September 24, 2012

'Til the real grown ups arrive...

(Who's kid is that eating a donut for dinner!?! Where is his Parent!?'s me.. taking the picture :D )

When you live in a small house (1000 square feet), with three kids, and a husband- things are, um, cozy. ALOT.  We spend nearly every waking moment in the same room together. It is this close proximity, on which, I blame some of my behavior. :)

I often read other "Mom"  and  "Homemaking" blogs and feel like I am faking it. You know what I mean?  All these others mothers are real grown ups, real moms, and me, I am just pretending until someone finds me out!  I picture it- "Hey- you- you aren't a real adult...what are you doing pretending...!? " I run, movie style, like a fugitive- "oh no! the real grown ups have found me out!"

I read blogs about other mothers who seem to have it all figured out. They are real adults. They have six kids, under five years old, and post photos of them lovingly making homemade cheese together.  Mean while, I hide in my bedroom closet so I can talk on the phone to my mother.  (It is the only place the kids can't find me.)  I read other posts from mothers homeschooling their 8 children while turning out fabulous blogs daily.  I, on the other hand, sneak through my house like a Navy SEAL in the mornings. Trying desperatley not to wake up the children, so that I can have just 5 minutes alone with my coffee and my husband. (Inevitably they always hear me, I need more tactical Navy SEAL training). I sometimes call my mother just to thank her for not smothering me in my sleep when I was a teenager. (If you have a teenager at home, you will understand this. If you don't, then you won't.) I cannot possibly be a real adult, or be a real mother.

Then I had an epiphany. I recently found myself child and husband free for about 3 hours. For one reason or another, all of my little people, and the Hubs were otherwise engaged...on a Friday night no less. Oh Glory Be! A Friday night all to myself!!! Would you like to know how I spent that time?  Wine night with the girls?, but nice guess.  Fabulous spa treatment?...sadly not.
 Drum roll..........I went to the grocery store. ALONE. It was FABULOUS!  Woohoo! Mothers of the world rejoice!
Then I think to myself....When did this become a fabluous Friday night for me? Anyone?

That is when I realized it, I am a real adult. Only a real adult and real mom would be thrilled by a Friday night alone at the grocery store buying goldfish and spagetti o's. I guess it is official.

I still feel like I am pretending at this whole "grown up" thing most of the time. But then I wonder to myself...."I bet my parents were just pretending too!"

Here's to pretending to be grown ups until the real ones show up and expose us all.

Happy Monday.

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