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Monday, October 15, 2012

Batteries Recharged

{A Very Sincere Pumpkin Patch}
I went into this weekend feeling like I needed to be recharged.  I was feeling drained and sluggish. This weekend delivered just what the doctor ordered. 
The Hubs and I went out, ALONE, on Friday night for a steak dinner. It was fantastic.  We rarely treat ourselves to an expensive meal out, and the fact that it was fairly unplanned helped it feel exciting.  I wore a dress, and drank red wine. I didn't last much longer than the drive home.  I was exhausted from the week, and passed out on the couch during the opening titles of The Avengers.  Have you ever been that tired? The minute we don't have kids to chase, or care for, or teenage drama to muck through, I sit still for more than five minutes, and instantly fall asleep. Poor Hubs, he watches so many movies by himself.
We attended a wedding on Saturday evening, and had a wonderful time. We danced (quite well, if I do say so myself) and laughed, and talked with lots of adults! The Hubs said it was nice to hang out with a bunch of grown ups.  It sure was.  I was feeling better and recharged already.  We went and picked up the Little Monkey from his "night in" with his Kiki and Pops, and finally watched the Avengers.  I could stay up this time!
Sunday morning brought a nice, rumbly, slow thunder storm.  Perfect for a Sunday morning with no plans. We slept in, (as late as you can sleep with a little Monkey) and then got up to coffee, eggs and waffles. The rain continued to pour, so we stayed in our pajamas, and watched movies.  It was just what we needed.
Like magic, just as we were feeling stir crazy, and a little guilty for being in our pajamas at noon;  The skies parted and the sun came out.  We decided it was the perfect time to take the Little Monkey to the pumpkin patch.  He has been doing his homework in preparation for this day.  He watches "It's a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" about 5 times a day, so he was ready.  We had a great time, we picked pumpkins, went on a hay ride, jumped in a bounce house, and slid down an inflatable slide. And by We, I mean the Little Monkey did these things, while I payed for them with little orange tickets.   We even toured the Charlie Brown Halloween village- that made his day.  I was impressed with the pumpkin prices also.  Our super large pumpkin was only 5.99!
A simple little weekend, that recharged my batteries, and made me ready for another week of this crazy life.
Happy Monday, and Happy Pumpkin Season.

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