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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Best day ever

It has kind of been one of those days. Not a particularly horrible day: (like the day I came home wreaking of burned popcorn with frostbite on my toes...that is a whole other story) But, just a day, where things have been off, and while I examined them, I found a few of them rather funny.

It all started at 06:21 this morning.  Note the time. 06:21.  We have to leave the house by 06:50....that includes the Hubs and I both showering, getting dressed,  eating, and getting the little Monkey dressed and ready to roll. We normally get up at 5am.  Damn you snooze button! You are like a bad relationship, I vow: "next time will be different, and I won't go back for more"...but I always do. Sigh...(Would a real grown up oversleep for work?) Anywho- We did it. We made it out of the house on time. I had no make up on and day old hair, but we made it to school and work on time. However, as of 10 minutes ago, I discovered a casualty of war from this morning's frantic assault on 30 minutes of spastic grooming: My underwear are inside out.   That is right, you heard me, at 2:41 in the afternon, I JUST NOW realized my underwear are on inside out. Sheesh. Is it sad that I didn't bother fixing them?

There is also a paper clip holding my pants together. Button just fell off, like it was tired of this old cruel world.  Ended it all. No super tight squeezing in for me. Heck no. This was a comfortable, not super flattering, "who really cares you aren't even wearing make-up" kind of a pants day.  But none the less, the button felt it was time to end his tenure. Paper clip it is.

Then my shoe broke. Yep. The strap just came off mid stride.  So...I went out on my lunch hour and purchased a pair of 9$ flats. I think they are cute (pictured above.) However, the fact that they are flats makes me laugh. Once upon a time, I wouldn't have worn flats to save my life.  Sky high heels were a must. I would walk 1/2 mile from parking garage to courthouse in 4 inch heels. But now... Um, flats it is. I mean really, who am I kidding today: dirty hair, no makeup, paperclip pants and lunatic underwear...why try to church it up with fancy shoes? No, no the old clearance ones will do just fine...thanks. They do make a farting kind of noise when I walk....bonus.

I also feel feverish and like I am coming down with the flu or something. Yay. Maybe it is almost time for my transformation back into a pumpkin or something, I mean, everything else is falling apart. Hmmm...

But, in case any of you were not completely jealous of my amazing husband, prepare to be seething in your computer chairs. My amazing man, knowing I wasn't feeling well, and was having a bit of a crapper of a day, offered to bring me anything I wanted. Which he did.  He brought me a Diet Sprite with Cranberry from Sonic. Swoon! Eat your hearts out girls.

Oh, and there are Carnies (you know, carnival folk) making out in the parking lot of my office. Just thought I would let you in on that gem too. Best day ever? I think so....

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