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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

In light of this spooky occassion, I thought I would share a photo I captured this past weekend.
This is during the day time, about noon, and I still think this graveyard looks haunted and creepy.
The Hubs and The Monkey and I went on one of our country drives on Sunday.  The weather was gorgeous out, and the nip of fall was in the air.  The blue Texas skies made for some amazing back road driving.  The Hubs and I don't usually set out for a particular destination, we just drive until we see some beautiful  country sights, then head back.  This time, the growling in our bellies forced us back home for lunch!
Before our hunger pains forced a retreat, we happened upon this little forgotten graveyard near Dacus, TX.  This graveyard looked very eerie even at noon on a Sunday.  I can't imagine this place at midnight, yikes.  It came complete with a creeking rusty gate, rotting flowers, overgrown brush and uneven ground.
With the Monkey napping in his carseat, the Hubs and I got out to take a few photos and explore.  I went so far as to walk into the graveyard and try to read some of the grave stones.  Most of the stones were so old that I could not make out any of the letters.  There was one stone that appeared to read 1818...I believe. Wind,  rain and Texas sun had taken thier toll on these old markers of the past.
Once in the graveyard I came to realize it was protected by some pretty nasty and aggresive plants.  Sticker burr grass was thigh high through out the cemetery and I found many of the plants "weapons."  These seemed to be no ordinary sticker burrs.  They were a dark blackish-blue, and the thorns were thick and angry.  I found myself bleeding from several places on my hands and fingers after just a few attempts at pulling the stickers off my pants.  I quickly retreated from the grave yard, clearly unwelcome, and made my way to the safety of our truck. There, it took me several minutes, and two bloody hands to remove the stickers from my pants, shoes and socks. I have never had a sticker burr make me bleed.  These could not even be touched without razor sharp needles attacking you.
As of today, there are still two thorns from those plants imbedded in my fingers.
My Halloween Expert Advice: Explorers beware, some places are eerie for a reason, stay clear, and don't underestimate the power of an old over grown graveyard.  It can leave you bleeding in a matter of moments. That place clearly whispered "Visitors Not Welcome" I should have listened.
Although a small part of me REALLY wants to go back tonight, after dark, and see just how creepy that little forgotten place can be.

The Road to Nowhere...will bring you to this place that did not want to be found.


  1. Um, if you do go back tonite, should I find someone to accompany you?

  2. Wow! What a cool halloween story! I like it! (Gavinese) I'll go back tonight with you! C'mon! Chicken Paul! Bock boock bock!:)

    1. We have always shared a love of ghosts and hauntings haven't we. :)

  3. Yes we have! I must have given it to you! Lol

  4. You have to watch out for those Zombie vines.
    They are the Zombies of dead Roses lett on graves,

  5. Lol @ Mom: Ghosts don't respond to firepower!

  6. Wow! Sounds eerie to me! A haunting good time!