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Friday, October 19, 2012

Only oranges were harmed....

{This is how we entertain ourselves in my house-
Note, only one orange was harmed in the making of this blog post}
So...we don't have cable, or dish, or any other form of television.  We do have Netflix online.  We do not watch alot of TV, and sometimes go for weeks without watching anything.  My mother calls us Amish.  (I apologize if any Amish people are offended by this, although, if you are reading this online...then you are not a very good Amish person..tsk tsk)
We find other ways to entertain ourselves.  We sit and talk.  We read, alot. We go for drives in the country. We play board games with the kids. We turn on music, and the Hubs and I dance around the living room. (The Hubs is a wonderful dancer, reason # 4,768 I married him.)  We go to the library and rent movies for the Little Monkey and check out books. We just find other ways to fill up the empty space of TV. One time, when a storm knocked the power out, we put different plastic toys in front of the flashlight to make colored light on the walls.  It was actually pretty freakin' cool.  I accredit this creativity to not having TV. I know this is not for everyone. But maybe just try it, even for one day.  See what other things you can find to do! TV is kind of like a drug you have to wean yourself off of, and then once you do, you really don't ever want to go back.
Now, you are probably all wondering about this poor, very ill looking orange.  Well, he eventually became part of the Little Monkey's lunch...but before that, he was our evening's entertainment.  Complete with a voice over from the Hubs, and a dramatic incident that left him looking like this.... :)
Happy Friday!

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