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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Burlap Christmas Stockings on DayQuil

The Monkey and I have been sick. And then the poor Hubs caught a mild round of it himself. It was one of those cold/sinus infection/ achey/runny nose/ horrendous sounding coughs/ cold chills/ "my GOD it is hot in here"/ "oh wait now I am freezing, crank up the heat"- kinda things. We were down for about a week.  We passed it around the house like a football on gameday.

But we are back now, and hosting Thanksgiving Tomorrow! Yay us! (Don't worry I disinfected everything ;) )

Come Monday,  the three of us were still at home together, cooped up, all sneezy and pajama clad.  I was starting to feel better by Monday and was getting a little stir crazy.  I decided to try my hand at one of the many projects I had planned for this Christmas.  These projects  had been mocking me all week while I layed on the couch, watching another hour of the "ABC Phonics Song" helplessly, unable to make the Monkey give up control of the laptop.

So, on Monday, since the Hubs was now down for the count and the new victim to the catchy "g-g-g- gor-illa" song, I snuck away and got after one of my easier projects.

I had decided I wanted to sew my own stockings this year, for a few reasons.  1. I wanted something a little more neutral, that kinda matches our whole living room, and isnt red or green.  2.  I also wanted to make something a litte more classy than the red- fur -lined- glitter- pen- name ones I made the kids 2 years ago. Just sayin. 3.  I had decided if I sewed them a bit smaller, that is less crap I have to try to fill it with, and less junk to buy, sort, give, and then see chucked at the bottom of the toy box by Christmas day night.  Hear me out- Stocking stuffers, are the popular highschool jocks of Christmas. Stay with me...  "popular jocks you say?" What the hell is she rambling about...get off the Day-quil lady  No no..listen.  The popular good looking jocks in highschool.  They were sooo cool, and soo awesome, and sooo...shallow, and really big idiots by "adult" standards.  And while they were the highlight of highschool...they kinda "pffft" out right after graduation and become weird semi-good looking real estate agents who never go to college, and just hang around the small town their whole life, talking about their 50 yard pass back in '97.  Alas...stocking stuffers are those guys. AWESOME on the day of! "Woohoo!!! Gum!! Woohoo!!! Tiny writing tablets shaped like Santa!!!" Next day...meh...

A-N-Y-W-A-Y  (jeez lady get to the damned point, I thought we were talking about stockings you weirdo)

The Hubs said it was incredibly Grinch like of me to sew smaller stockings so that I have to put less '97 all- state quarterbacks, I mean pocket hair brushes in them. But I said, "It is just good financial planning"  He kinda rolled his eyes at me I think...I am not sure though...he was kinda feverish at the time, and that damn dancing Gorilla holding his letter G proudly makes everyone a little cranky.

So, I drew a template for my stockings using an old stocking.  I used burlap fabric that I had left over from the Hubs and my wedding for the sock part, and used a neutral- polka dotted- shiney kinda fabric for the fold over liner.  It sewed up REALLY easy.  Burlap is a bit of a yucky fabric to work with though....I don't reccomend it.  It left tiny little burlap hairs all over EVERYTHING in my kitchen....I mean sewing room. ;)  I used wooden letter initials for each kiddo and attached them with twine and ribbon.  The twine is also the hanger.  I am still considering painting the initials a golden sparkly color, to give it a little bling. Thoughts?

In all it took me about 1 hour to make three slightly scaled down stockings.  I really like them. 

Oh, and just so that you can share in our mind altering state of the A.J. Jenkins Phonics Song, please click the link.

You are welcome.   


  1. Lmao! You are even funnier on drugs! Wait! That didn't sound right! Haha??? Plus to go with your cynical Grinch like attitude- just think the little ones soft skin will get all scratchy as they retrieve their Super Bowl trophies! No wait- scary stretchy elf dolls!

  2. Glad you are all feeling better! You make good things when you are on "drugs" imagine what you can do when you are not ill!!!!! Love the Stockings!