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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Home Tour

Welcome to my Christmas Home Tour! 
I will be linking up at the 2012 Holiday Home Tour over at The Inspired Room on December 15, but you get a sneak peek!
Our home is modest, and for the size of our family, mind boggeling to some.  Especially with another baby on the way, most people have asked us when we plan on looking for a  bigger house. The answer: not any time soon!  We are happy and content in our little 1,000 square foot "farm house," and plan to stay here well after this new baby is toddling around. (Except, of course, if it turns out to be twins....then...that may change things ;) )  We have taken a simplified, semi- minimilast approach to our home, and that has helped us immensely in  being able to fit into our tiny place. The less stuff we have, the more room we have to play, and create, and have fun. So we keep our stuff to a minimum, and thus, don't need a bigger house. (Don't get me wrong....big beautiful houses are gorgeous, and appeal to both the Hubs and me, but in our phase of life, we will make do with our little place until the time comes when we can upgrade to bigger :) )  We took a simplified approach to our decorating this year aswell.  I love how it turned out. Just enough to make us cheerful and feel Chirstmasy, but not so much that I spent a fortune, or have to worry about the Monkey breaking anything.
So grab something warm to drink, and enjoy our little Christmas home tour.

Come on in!  (Our wreath is made of real pine, spruce, and juniper)
Our buffett, as you enter,was a gift from some wonderful family :) 
Oh...and the stockings....yeah....remember my post about making the burlap stockings.....
Lesson: Always check your Christmas boxes FIRST, then add new items....because you probably bought some really cute ones on sale after Christmas last year....and can't decide which to use. Ultimately, I chose the burgundy "sweater" onces....because I just really love them. Anybody want some burlap stockings? :)
Close up of the buffett display.

I just added some glittery ornaments to a basket I already had. The red berry garland was also an oldee from the Christmas box.  The star is a vintage tree topper that I just love sitting on it's own.  The candle is Winter Night from Bath and Body works, and smells heavenly.
Our Tree
We cut it down ourselves. Well..the Hubs did, I stood and watched :) I also have an ever growing collection of Christmas books I keep in the galvanized pale next to the tree.
These little guys are sprinkled through out the living room. They are silly little snowmen who add some humor.  The Monkey likes to make them bounce around and eat his food.
My kitchen table display is one of my favorites.  The little church and tree are nestled inside plain old sugar.  The apothacary jar is a staple of our kitchen and usually holds snacks. The tray of nuts is just fun.
The Monkey is very focused on his Christmas cookie while I try to take photos!
Merry Christmas from us to you.  I hope you enjoyed our little home tour, and our simplified version of Christmas.  God Bless everyone as we venture in this Holiday Season and a new year FULL of new adventures.



  1. You know, there really is no place like home for the holidays....

    As far as grabbing something warm to drink..It is December 4th and 80 degrees outside. I'll stick to iced tea, if it's ok with y'all!

  2. Amen, Paul. There really is no place like home for the holidays. You and Miranda have truly adorned your home with the true essence of Christmas. Thanks for sharing your home with me. Merry Christmas to the Hahs family, I pray for a happy, healthy and prosperous new year for you.

  3. Everything looks so pretty Hon! Merry Christmas!