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Monday, December 31, 2012

Tiny Baby Spaces

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas filled with family, and friends, and blessings too many to count. I know I did.
We spent the weekend at home, catching up on rest and a little TV after a wonderful Christmas. We took down all the Christmas decorations yesterday, and I even got the Hubs to haul the crispy old tree away. I know, I know, it is bad luck to take your tree down before New Years, but if you know me, you know I like to live on the edge! Ha! Or if you really know me, you know I cannot stand clutter, and that the minute the gifts are opened, I am eyeballing that tree plotting it's demise. It feels cleansing and refreshing to have the livingroom back in order.  I have a few decorating projects planned, and I can't wait to get started on them now that the Christmas is packed away. 
I had a little spell of nesting disease yesterday afternoon, and thought I would share the fruits of my hormonal labors with you. Everyone in our lives is just as excited about our little Alien as we are, and thus it received Christmas gifts! Yes, it is only the size of a fig this week. (I know, obscure fruit that no one can picture.  The only other comparison I found was a large kumquat...again...I don't know that I have ever even looked at a kumquat.) But, even though it is obscure fruit sized, family and friends showered it with gifts over Christmas. So, we needed to figure out what we planned to do with this little kid's stuff! Remember, we will not be moving to a bigger house, and our baby will not have a nursery. It is rooming with us. Sadly, I fear our roommate situation will not lead to the hillarity of "Friends- Chandler and Joey" type situations, but one can hope.
There is a large cabinet area under our dresser, that we were able to clear out.  This will be the baby's closet. I used items I already had on hand to organize the space.  The labels will help me keep all the different sizes straight.  I made those myself out of cardstock and some pretty scrapbook paper. The baskets on the top shelf serve double duty as dividers and to hold small items. They are quart till produce baskets. They sell for about .29 cents at feed stores and Tractor Supply. They hold socks, and hats and accessories.
We will keep adding to it as more clothes come. Our bed will be used as the changing table, and I have already cleared out a drawer under our bed to store diapers and changing supplies.  We have underbed drawers..amazing. As long as we don't go nuts buying baby stuff, and remember that everything this baby owns has to fit in OUR room, I think we should be good. Once upon a time, the thought of having a new baby without a fancy nursery to decorate, and fill with baby stuff would have made me insane. How could I possibly have a baby without it having it's own room filled with stuff!? But now, I realize, that making do with our small house, and small space, is perfectly fine, and will work well for our family.
On a funny note, I had my first experience with maternity clothes this past weekend. Wow, stretchy and scary. I have already started to outgrow my regular pants, and forcing them on makes me look like the before picture on a Slim-Fast commercial. My evil pregnancy book says I should only have a slight "thickening" in the waste- not neccessarily showing yet. Whatever-  screw you 'know it all' book, all I know is, my belly is not fitting in my pants anymore, and whether it is too many Christmas cookies, or a baby with the Hubs 6'3" genes, I look pregnant. So I decided to go maternity clothes shopping. Wow. $60 for stretchy scary jeans I will wear for 6 months? $30 for a tee shirt? And this was at an outlet store! This drove me to the trusty Craigslist. Which then led me and the Hubs to drive to some strange woman's house on Friday night and begin rifling through 3 garbage bags of maternity clothes. However, I did luck out. A. She was my size. B. She had some pretty cute and name brand maternity clothes. C. She sold them to me for $2 each. Fantastic! Thanks Hubs, for driving in the dark, to some strangers house, so I can raid her maternity garbage bags. While you uncomfortably watch the news with her husband on their couch. You, are continually awesome.


  1. Why thank you Love, it was my pleasure

  2. I laughed till I cried over the visit to the women's maternity clothes bags. You are a joy. Love you.

    1. I love you back! So glad I made you laugh! It really is quite funny, maternity pants look so scary both on the hanger and on your body.

  3. I'm thinking big here so hear me out.

    Two government employees pilfering through garbage bags full of "used" maternity clothes and trying to decide what the seller had on the day her water broke. Notice now the defining words - government employees. We could follow you around with cameras and prove that some government employees are grossly underpaid, Washington bureaucrats excluded of course. We could then sell this video to the national media which would get enough play to get you the much financial help we would prove you need. Remember, fluid stained maternity clothes! I think I'm on to something and if you and Hubs agree we can see about contacting a pro-bona video photographer. I'm anxiously awaiting your decision on this matter. In the mean time, while cleaning out my closet, I noticed some double knit pants that are kinda stretchy that might possibly work for you. BTW, no fluid stains noted.

    I love to read your posts and more than that watch as Aunt Judy almost busts a gut laughing. Congratulations to you and Hubs on the fig.

    1. Oh my Gosh! I did the "walrus clap silent breathless laugh" at your comment! It never even dawned on me to look out for fluid stains!!! Although hubs did say politely "you are going to wash those, right?" Bahah! I love the video idea! Yes, to anyone who thinks government employees get paid too much, come pilfer trash bag clothes with us!

  4. Ran,
    I am so enjoying your blog! You crack me up! Your humor is delightful and I and every other woman who has been pregnant can sooooo relate to your thoughts! I can give you lots of advice. ;). I am so excited for you!