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Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy Birthday to the Hubs: A Love Letter

The Hubs is having a birthday this week.  He is turning the big 3-9! In light of his special day I thought I would dedicate an entire blog post to him.

To The Hubs: Just a few of the Reasons I Love you:

-You always smell good, even your armpits. That is about where my head lands when we hug, and no matter what, even your armpits smell good, now that is awesome.
-You never gripe about my driving, even though sometimes I can see you stepping on your imaginary brake pedal in the floor, or holding your breath a bit, you never say a word to me.
-You allow me to call your dog a "Hobo" and a "Jackass" while I call my dog "Princess" and "Pretty Dog." And he is your dog when he is escaping our 6ft fence, he is our dog when he is being cute and cuddly.
- You work hard at work, and work even harder at home. Even when you have worked until 4am, you insist on accompanying me to a 4 year old's birthday party that is a 2 hour drive away. You wouldn't dream of sending me on without you. (Even though I offered)
- You play guitar and sing loudly in our kitchen, I love your singing voice, and the way you never get all the words quite right.
- Your muddy cowboy boots are always by the back door.
-Your hands were shaking the night you asked me to marry you, even though you knew I would say yes.
-You bring me flowers you cut from our back yard.
- You talk in cartoon voices, and muppett voices, and "odd random people we make up stories about as we observe them on the side of the road"- voices.
- You tickle the monkey's armpits when you dry him off after his bath, and he giggles until he farts.
- You always open my door.
- You send me text messages randomly telling me I am beautiful or that you love me.
- You make a collosal mess when you cook, but your food is always amazing.
- You once made me a birthday cake entirely out of Little Debbie Zebra Cakes.
-  You talk to the baby in my belly.
- You hold my hand in the car.
- You kiss the back of my neck while I am cooking.
- You let me pick the TV show, even though I fall asleep on your lap after about 10 minutes.
- You ride home from work with me, even though it would be easier for you if you didn't, just so we can have 15 minutes of kid free time to talk. We usually have to create an agenda for our rides home, but I love that you help make that time.
- You love my family, and love spending time with them, and have brought me closer to my own parents.
- You read my blog everytime I post, and always leave me comments, and then tell me in person you commented.
- You are my best friend, my biggest fan, and my rock. And I still have the hugest crush on you.
Happy Birthday Honey.
{The Hubs and The Monkey, making "angry faces" while wearing oven mitts on their heads}
{Our best family photo ever}
{The very first picture we took together, in front of your police car, in a parking lot, how romatic ;)}

-The Hubs and I have a special place in our hearts for parking lots, we met and talked for the first time in a parking lot, the moment we fell in love was in a parking lot, and I told him I was pregnant with our baby in a parking lot. Parking lots is where we take care of business....wait that sounds wrong...dang it....


  1. That is the sweetest love letter I've ever read! You make my heart sing knowing you are that happy Tizzy! But..... I really didn't need to know about the armpits!

    1. :) I am thoroughly impressed with his armpits. They also are never sweaty. Actually, I am jealous of his armpit awesomeness.

  2. Thank you for this wonderful letter Darlin. You made me smile uncontrollably, and hopefully I can always live up to your vision of me. I love you, and am very thankful that you are my wife.

    And I wonder what the next parking lot story will bring, and if it can be talked about in public.....

    1. I am glad I made you smile, Love, and as far as our next parking lot encounter.....we will have to wait and see!

  3. Love felt like yours and Hubs is a perfect Blessing in this world. Love to you both! I love how he is so good to your family. We only have a few loved ones who love us unconditionally. We must always treasure them.