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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I don't THINK it is a tapeworm....

Sometimes I like to pretend I have a mass of adoring fans who follow me around like Princess Kate or Kim Kardashian trying to catch a glimpse of my "baby bump" and sell it for millions...... Just kidding! I know no one cares, well besides that creepy guy at the gas station who asked me when my baby was due and then just kept staring at me....locking the!
But seriously, I just realized I am constantly talking about this alien boy growing in my belly and haven't shown you any pictures of myself yet. ya go. My belly progression so far.
{December 2012}  
We found out we were expectng in early November. This was the very first little poochy-ness I had. This is the can of biscuits phase.  I lovingly coined it that because I felt like a busted can of biscuits when I put on my regular jeans

{Now- February 2013}
So, I either have a little man growing in there, or it could be a tapeworm.  Both have shockingly similar Just kidding. It's a human. He likes to fist bump me in the mornings when I roll over to turn off the alarm.  Apparently I squish him when I do this and he protests by punching me in the bladder.
PS- I felt like crappy crap crap when I took this picture...for whatever reason I had a wave of morning sickness- esque stuff last night when I was preparing dinner. Maybe it was cutting up the chicken that did me in....but the Hubs was kind enough to snap this shot even though I am fake smiling.  :)
Our little man is going to be named Colt Douglas.  The Douglas is after his Daddy.  This will be his second grandson named after mother is currently rolling her eyes at this and repeating to herself "there will be no living with him after this."  She is right.
For the most part, I am feeling fantastic right now, and totally not sick.  I like to eat all the time. I don't really have any wild cravings, but I have been drinking lots of milk, which is totally not normal for me.  I also have been getting a baked potato stuffed with barbecue meat alteast once a week...and eating the whole thing....scary. 
I wonder if any magazine paparazzi are following me around right now!? Bump Watch 2013!  Somehow I doubt it. BTW..I hate the phrase "baby bump"  Any ideas on a new catchy title for it? 


  1. That doesn't look like any tapeworm to me :) Congrats!

    Great name, btw.

    1. Oh Thanks! Names are so tough to pick!

  2. You are absolutely beautiful. I love taking these pics Darlin.

    Now to the new catchy phrase, I suggest the following:

    Larva Lump
    Prenatal Protrusion
    Bambino Bulge
    Infantile Extrusion

    Love you~!

  3. Ummm. Rolling my eyes was not exactly it!!!! Not even close!!! I now call Pops-- King Pops! ! ALL HAIL KING POPS!! PSST! Might as well; all the grandkids think he invented skittles; Disney movies & Fisher Price toys! I feel like the court jester behind the King! HUSH IT HUBS! :) I love u so much Tizzy & u are sooo beautiful!
    To Peaches: names are not hard when "oh just name him after King Pops"! Lol just kiddin ya: wouldn't want to run off Momma Chick's hordes of followers!