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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day and My Big Ideas

Do you ever have one of those big ideas where you think "I want to do that! I can do that! yeah!"?  That is when you committ to something about 2 months out, and then wait until the day before to get it done.  That was me.  I signed up to do our County Wide Bakesale this Valentine's Day....and then forgot about it completely until I received an email reminder this week. Well, damn.

My crazy last week hadn't lent itself well to Valentine's planning of any sort, so I was stuck figuring something out on the fly...

Behold my Valentine Cupcake Concoctions:

I made them last night at about 9 pm. They look quite impressive, but they were really easy.  It is the "clothes" that make this "man." (what?....I think she ate too much sugar this morning)
The cupcakes are strawberry cake with white buttercream frosting. Easy peasy.  I used a mix due to my time contraints....shhh...don't tell.
I used a star piping tip to apply my frosting and then used what pink sprinkles I had in my pantry to decorate.

Their adorable packaging is made by turning a small clear plastic drinking cup upside down over the cupcake on a heart printed paper plate.  Then, trace around the cup with a pencil.  Remove the cup and the cupcake.  Cut out the circle you drew. (make it just a teeeny smidge bigger than the cup opening so it doesn't just shove in there.)  Now, replace your cupcake and cup. Use clear tape to secure the paper bottom to the cup sides.  (I used the crystal clear gift wrapping tape...totally invisible, right!?)  Then, use some pretty ribbon to tie it up and give the packaging even more strength. Next,  I made little tags by cutting scrap book paper.  (I had to label mine for the bakesale)  Yours could label the contents, or be a sweet message for the recipient!

My  easy cupcakes sold before I could even get them placed on the tables at the bakesale!!  A gentleman bought them "for his wife" he said. I am so glad they will make a lady smile today!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!!!


  1. Very pretty-yummy-clever! So glad they were a success.:)

    1. Why Thank you! :) I may have taste tested a know for quality control...