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Friday, April 12, 2013

Don't underestimate the Granny

Sooooo..I decided to enter the County Fair this year, and submit my "Peach Cobbler" Jam and my Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffins.  I was only allowed to enter one thing in each category, so I chose "canning" and "bread from scratch." Two things I have blogged about here, and think I don't suck at.
I agonized over which jam flavor to submit.  My apple jam has won RAVE reviews from my family, but the last batch I made didn't gel quiiiiiite right, so I wasn't going to submit an imperfect product. So I went with my peach cobbler jam instead. I also decided to enter my whole wheat blueberry muffins made with buttermilk and whole ripe blueberries.  I sort of procrastinated and didn't make them until the morning of, then agonized over them still being too warm to wrap up, and so I sat with them blaanced on what is left of my lap in front of the air vent on our way to the fair.
Little did I know, across town, a little old lady named Mabel was in her kitchen plotting my defeat.  She must have had spies watching me, maybe even reading this blog, knowing which two divisions I was entering. That is the only way I figure sweet little blue haired Mabel managed to enter BOTH the same categories as I did, and win BOTH of them. Yep, same sweet old Mabel beat me with pickles and strawberry butter bread.

That's ok Mabel, now I know what the competition looks like. Oh yes, I am coming for ya. Maybe it will be with Apple Jam, maybe it will be with a perfected bread recipe I cooked up in a secret lab, or maybe it will be a surprise attack in the dessert section. Just you wait.

But seriously though..... despite my review of "lovely, nice spice, delicious"--Mabel swept the circuit. And don't let the ribbons fool you....they gave those to everyone. Sigh.

But, at the end of the day, as they were carting Mabel's pickles and strawberry butter bread over to the "winners" display case, and yelling at me to get my half eaten loser crap out of their exhibit hall by 5, my family was with me, and were so mad I didn't win, I couldn't help but giggle inside. They were so offended, it was heart-warming. I had no aspirations of winning, but they swore I was "robbed." Hehe.
And, on the way home, my favorite little man in the world ate two of my loser muffins, and exclaimed "mmmm donuts!" as he ate them. Hey, if you can make something with fruit and whole wheat as good as donuts to a six year old....that is a winner in my book.

And he gives his baby brother hugs.....
I can't complain.
Oh, and Mabel, if you DO spy on me, as I suspect you do, don't expect me to make it easy on you and post my big plans for next year's rematch here.....oh no. Sneak attack....just you wait, Granny.
****No Grannys were harmed in the writing of this blog, and for the love of GOD if Mabel really does stumble across this..I am just kidding.....kind of.


  1. I still say the judges don't know their pear jam from chicken poop. There was only five entries on the one category (one of which was yours...) yet you didn't even place? Even I can do that math....and still keep my boots on! I think they were just so overwhelmed by the flavor of your jam that they lost their minds and mistakenly judged your jam in the "Saddle Bronc" judging...

    1. And yes ma'am, I do know it was peach cobbler jam. Just never can seem to say that for some reason...

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