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Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Bounty of My Back Yard

{5 eggs, 5 jalepenos, 2 tomatoes, 1 zucchini, and some salad greens}

The Hubs and I have big dreams for "Someday." Our dream is to someday have a small farm, where we grow vegetables and fruits, raise chickens for meat and eggs, have a few pigs for meat, maybe a cow for milk, and goats and donkeys mainly just for fun. We are working hard toward "getting there." But it is a slow road.
Our goal is to be content with what we have now, and continue to work towards our dream.  And what we have now is pretty exceptional.
We have a little 1/2 acre of land that we have been blessed to live on. We have taken this land from a barren, brown, drought parched mess, and transformed it into something we think is special. We have planted flowers, and a rose garden, and a vegetable garden, and built a chicken coop and a run for them to free range in. The Hubs built a bird feeder with his own hands and some scrap materials. This has attracted wildlife of all sorts to our back yard.
When we get home in the afternoons, one of the first orders of business is checking for eggs, feeding and watering chickens and dog, and collecting delicious edible produce we planted  and raised from seeds.  Our problems include determining how to keep a pesky gopher away from my zucchini plants, whether our chickens are molting or being mean and pulling each other's feathers, and how to keep a family of baby squirrels from popping the glass out of the bird feeder.
Now those are some pretty awesome problems to have.
To quote an Alan Jackson song: "It's Alright to be Little Bitty" And that is what we are. We have a little bitty piece of heaven carved out. And while life is a journey, not a destination, we will continue to try to appreciate our little piece of heaven until our bigger piece of heaven is ready for us. In the grand scheme of life, we are small, and our scope of the world is small, but to just us, we have everything we could need, and our joy is big.


  1. Such a sweet little bounty. Nothing more exciting than those first picks! Tomatoes already? When did you put them in the ground? Mine are barely producing itty bitty maters. Hope your chickens start acting more like ladies. haha I'm also hoping with you for your just-for-fun donkey.

  2. I couldn't have said it better myself Sweetheart. We are blessed with the opportunity to live the life we want to, and I look forward to all our life together has to offer! Like teaching the boys to mow this little piece of heaven someday so Hubs can sit on the back porch with his mason jar of ice tea....

  3. With this joyous and appreciative attitude you have so much more than most people will ever have or know about! Blessings to my favorite farmers!