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Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Gift for the Nurses

As we continue to count down the days until our little Alien comes exploding forth into the world... I am finding little things to keep myself busy.

We went on our hospital tour last week. It was pretty informative, and although I had the distinct urge to pass out during the tour, I did soak up some of the information.  The main thing that shocked me was that the nurses do all the work...and the doctors get all the credit! Maybe the tour was slanted as it was given by nurses, but still.  Apparently your doctor won't really even see you until the baby is ready to come out; you know who gets you all the way through labor and to the point of no return?.... a nurse.  The unsung hero, the one who has been on her feet for 8 hours, and still has the patience to coax you through a contraction while you beg her to just kill you. Or at least that is what I have been told...

Many places suggest taking a gift for your nurses. They will be your round the clock family for about the most stressful 48 hours of your life. I figure if I can cry in front of someone and involuntarily poop on a delivery table in front of them, the least you could do is get them something nice eh? yes.

I debated on food...cookies, candy....been done. Plus, I wanted something that could sit in my car and not melt/ go bad/ whatever. It's not like when I am in the throws of labor that I will want to walk around and pass out homemade cookies to the nurses as I scream and poop. (just a fear...hopefully I won't poop, but knowing me, and the direction this blog takes so often...poop may happen) So, I decided to go with little hand sanitizers in adorable packaging.

Mini hand sanitizers from Bath and Body Works have been my go-to gift for awhile. I give them to the Monkey's teachers in cute Christmas themes, and again at the end of the year in fun summer scents. I give them as hostess gifts.  I love them because they are cheap-o ($1 each if you buy 5) and come in adorable little wrappers for almost every season. They make Christmas ones, Easter, Halloween, Summer, you name it.

I was thrilled to find these adorable baby animal themed ones when I visited my B&BW store this week. PERFECT!!!  So I bought a bag full. I popped them in a little bucket I already had lying around. I think it was like $1 at Target. I am putting a card with them expressing my pre determined sentiments of gratitude.  Once my little man is here, and the dust and poop have settled, I will have the Hubs run this easy to manage and transport little goody bucket over to the nurse's station for them to share. I hope they enjoy it. Hopefully they don't think "wth...I wanted cookies"

So, for the ladies who will be attending to my very enraged lady parts for two ya go...a little Wacky Monkey Banana hand sanitizer for ya...please use before and after...thanks.

This is not sponsored by Bath and Body Works.... they have no idea I exist. And would probably not approve of my free use of the word poop in conjunction with their product.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Oh Texas Summer

We are all still alive over here, just settling in to the quiet madness that is summer in South East Texas.
{For the record, I don't like this picture...but after 3 tries of my hair looking weird, and me looking weird..this is what we got...oh well...}
I am still pregnant....shocker.... I am purdy huge, but my doctor is scheduling an ultrasound in 2 weeks to check the baby's size, and see where we are.  This came after a pointed conversation about my rapid weight gain recently, and how she wanted to check him for size "just to be sure" ....I got the feeling she might think he needs to come a little early...she didn't say that, just eluded...could totally be wishful thinking on my part.  She might let this whopper cook until late July, at which point I envision myself giving birth to a 13 pound Christmas ham who will wear 2T clothes upon his exit and break his little bassinet. What...? You know my flare for dramatics ;) And yes, I said rapid weight in I gained 4 pounds in 2 weeks. I haven't been eating crap, or even fact I eat waaay less now than I did a few months ago. Most days I don't feel that hungry, and when I eat, I get full really fast. I think it is due to the fact that my stomach is now most likely located in my left shoulder area...can't imagine there being room for it anywhere else. Anywho, I will have a long way to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.   After this little alien is state side,  I think I will document that weight loss journey here on the blog.  I am hoping it will help keep me accountable, and as always, provide an outlet for my ramblings about jazzercise and protein shakes. I just can't wait.

{Before he knew there would be singing and clapping...}

The Monkey "graduated' from kindergarten this week. It was a shit show. There are certain things that autistic kids, and particularly my autistic kid cannot handle. 1. Crowds 2. Group singing 3. Clapping 4. Being made to sit especially in front of a bunch of people. So naturally a kindergarten graduation complete with singing and clapping in front of 200+ parents was just a perfect way to spend his morning. Instant meltdown city. My sweet boy had to be carried off the  stage by his teacher while flailing and kicking after...ohhh......about 45 seconds of the program. It just got worse from there when she tried to give him a cupcake in his classroom. The nerve of some teachers.  But seriously, it does suck that he can't enjoy normal stuff like being in his first little program. It bummed me out the rest of the day, but once we were at home in our safe little bubble where we NEVER sing happy birthday or clap, and avoid crowds, my little man was fine.
Our rarely mentioned 15 year old, Sissy Bug, has done a fantastic job wrapping up her school year. While she made us agonize over her grades all year long, and required heated "discussions" into the night about grades and responsiblity; she managed to pull out the year with all A's and B's.  She also got perfect attendance, and "best actess" in her drama class-  complete with a little trophy. Yes, we live with a 15 year old who was given the best actress award.....we know how scary that is.  Now she is off for an adventure for the summer, leaving for 3 weeks to travel with her cousins and best friend. We will miss her, but I really hope she has fun. And it will be nice for me and the Hubs to have a little time to just chill ourselves. Teenage girls, even the most amazingly behaved ones, are exhausting.
Work has been busy for both of us, and has exhausted the Hubs this week. He looked tired down to his bones last night. Late night bloody crime scenes will do that to ya. We are both ready for some down time. Aside from helping my folks with a downed tree at their place, our weekend will consist of a whole lot of sittin, and whole lot of sippin sweet tea and trying to stay cool in Texas summer. I would also love to get some more fishing in. That has quickly become one of our new favorite ways to spend our down time.  I am excited about a weekend of nothing.