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Monday, September 30, 2013

Missing teeth, Flat heads, and Flabby Butts

Yep...That's what we got goin' on at our house.

{Does this count as Tummy Time? Well...this is how he prefers to sit now...while watching joke}

I will start with Ol' Flat Head. Have you ever realized you were not worried very much about something you should be worried about? That was me last week. Well...let me start from the beginning.
At our 2 month check up on The Piglet, the Doctor casually mentioned that his head was getting a touch flat, and that we needed to increase his "tummy time." Yeah, yeah, yeah, got it Doc, his head is flat like ALL other babies at this age...surely it will pop back out once he starts sitting up more....blah blah.
But then...I read a blog about a precious baby girl who had to have a helmet put on, due to Plagiocephaly...... Here is a look inside my brain: wait...plagiocephaly...that word, that word..... sounds familiar, (checks The Piglet's paperwork from his most recent Dr. visit) Holy shit! They diagnosed him with PLAGIOCEPHALY!!! Why didn't anyone tell me!!!!! WHAT!!! Sound the alarms!!! Call in a specialist!!!! WHAT!!! IT CAN DEFORM THEIR FACE?????!!!!!!!OH SWEET MOTHER OF ALL THAT IS HOLY!!!! EMERGENCY! Yes....that is what my brain did. So I did what all good mothers would do. I panicked.
I called my mother, who keeps Piglet while I work and immediately told her to flip him on his stomach and never again let his head touch a surface. And being my mother, and a very loving grandmother, she agreed completely and encouraged me to take him for a second opinion. I called the Hubs at work, broke down the horrors for him and how our gorgeous baby would surely now need such a helmet , and could be facially deformed for life.  He agreed we needed a second opinion, but did not share my emergency alert hysterics. That is why we work so well together...he is definitely the calm one when it comes to things like this. I immediately decide that the worst case scenerio is most definitely our fate.
So, I took the next day off of work and took my baby to Texas Children's for a second opinion.  The doctor who saw us was wonderful, and did a much better job of explaining plagiocephalus. And yes it can cause permanent head flattening and facial deformity if not treated early. AND WHY DIDN'T THE OTHER DOCTOR TELL ME THIS!?" I shouted as I shook her (not really, but you can imagine) She explained that yes, the other doctor had failed to explain the condition to me fully, and had really downplayed it, and yes she probably should have gone over the condition fully, but that my little Piglet's plagiocephaly was very minor and could easily be corrected with more tummy time. Piglet had a large bump on his head from a looong 3 hour push session during birth...therefor he favored lying his head on the other side.
So...true to my nature, Piglet has pretty much had to learn to live his life in a constant state of Tummy Time. He is cool with it the pic shows above, he just chills on his Boppy....lettin' his head "pop" back out. We are officially changing pediatricians. I will keep ya'll updated as we go along. My heart goes out to all the parents who's stories I read as I researched the SHIT out of Plagiocephaly. It really does sneak up on you, and of course you feel instant guilt.....if only we held him more, if only we DID do tummy time as much as we should...

In addition to having flat heads, my kids teeth are falling out! Ha, but this time, it is a good thing. The Monkey finally lost his first tooth...and then another...all in a matter of 3 days. He is so proud.
The tooth fairy brought him Cars Mini Drifters...cause, well, the concept of money is lost on a 6 year old with autism. And the tooth fairy knows what's up.....
The Monkey also found himself the coolest friend this weekend. He befriended a very calm and patient frog, who allowed him to carry him around all day, and even rode quietly and without objection on top of the Monkey's head as they played in the yard. matter how hard I try, I cannot think of a good segway into flabby we will just jump off into the butt flab.
I have a flabby butt, geez I feel like I am at an AA meeting but for butt flab. "Hello, My name is Miranda, and I......I have a flabby butt."  Claps all around.  But seriously, the ol backside aint what she used to be before Ol' Flathead came along, so I have started running again (on my hour lunch breaks at work...because that is the only time I can even THINK of to run), trying to eat healthy and make good choices about food.  I will try to keep ya'll updated on my post baby body recovery, or whatever I eventually call it..for is ol' flabby cheeks. Oh and there is no picture for this portion of the are very welcome.

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  1. Man...where to start? First of all, your mother and father read this so I will abstain from any comment regarding your posterior other than to say you are a much bigger critic of yourself than the Hubs is, that's a fact. Second, I appreciate the fact you left my intense nausea over loose teeth out of this post. I can look at a decomposing corpse for hours and not be affected, but one six year old's tooth wiggles and I'm looking for a safe place to deposit the past day's meals.

    Oh, and I got that dent puller from AutoZone just in case the rummy time doesn't work.....