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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Why yes I have it all together, thanks for asking....

So I am finding that organization is KEY now that I have a baby, and a busy 6 year old, and a very very busy 15 year old, and a Hubs who is called away at a moment's notice, and a full time job....If I am going to keep this shit show together and keep fooling all our neighbors and friends into thinking I really have it all together, then I better keep myself organized.

While preparing to go back to work I struggled with whether I should start carrying a purse again, and keep the diaper bag seperate...or do I try to do a combo action, I wasn't sure. Like most mothers, while I was exclusively staying home, my diaper bag became my purse. The outside pockets were great for my wallet, keys, phone, it worked well.  However now that I am back working, lugging a diaper bag into a meeting isn't going to win me any cool points in my male driven and dominated field. In short, I will look like an ass carrying my giant diaper bag into a meeting about critical infrastructure wipe anyone? And since the diaper bag has now taken on the role of carrying my junk is a bit cumbersome to say the least...
Who wants to lug this into Target for a quick stop..... it takes up most of the cart!
So I had started just pulling my wallet, phone and keys out and taking just those in with me. But then I am stuck either holding them the entire time, or trying to set them in the cart next to the baby, and they fall down the cracks or beg to be absentmindedly left behind.
So....I found a fantastic solution....of Target. I think they must spend millions on researching the inner workings of the female mind age 28-58...because all of us LOVE us some Target, and end up leaving with more than we came for: every.single.time.
To solve my problem, I found this little beauty:

She was $14.99.  She is navy and gold, and brick red, my kinda favorite colors right now. I love her because...
Yep...that is my phone, fitting just perfectly inside with all my cards, ID, and cash. Well, actually, that isn't my phone....that is my friend's phone is even thinner than that so it works even better. Who woulda thought it was impossible to take a pic of your own phone.....with your phone....

Oh and don't be impressed by my "wad" of cash, it is all ones from change I received after breaking a large bill to pay for a $1 tea. Hey...a girl needs her afternoon caffeine.

I don't know how long she will hold she was 15$, and is made of synthetic pleather such material, but she does the job for now, and I didn't want to blow my wad (heh snicker) on some fancy wallet I will only use for this season of my life.

So, now I can easily grab this beauty out of the colossal diaper bag that could essentially use a Sherpa and a yak to tote it around for me, and I even clip my keys on the strap. Problem more phone loose and sliding down the slats of my Target cart as I stop for diapers, and leave with a new wallet and a bottle of 6$ Moroccan Argon Oil lotion....Damn it! Still forgot diapers.....

Lately my main goal in life is streamlining. Anything that is causing me undue stress, like wallets and phones and giant bags...needs to be changed to something that doesn't....that is the only way I can continue the charade that I have it all together....Otherwise I will likely end up sitting in the parking lot of Target weeping over a dropped and broken phone, and shaking my fist at the sky over the fact that my upgrade is 2 years away.  Not good for the ruse...not good.

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