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Monday, April 28, 2014

Parenting is not a race...she who gets everyone out alive, wins.

I know, I know, I haven't blogged in over a month.

I feel sometimes the best thing we can do in parenthood is survive. As long as everyone lives through the day, then we are succeeding.
{I turn my back for 2 seconds to put away the cups.....}

Since we last spoke that little Piglet has gone through another rough rough bout of teething. Four teeth at once apparently. Accompanied by a fever, VERY stuffy nose and an ear infection that required antibiotics. We are STILL working on crying it out at night. Something always seems to set us back. There is the teething, then getting sick, then Daddy is on- call for work and needs his I end up giving in more than I should. And the sleep patterns are still not consistent through the night. Some nights that little Piglet sleeps like a hibernating bear, others he is up all night, fussing and screaming and being angry that I just wont pick him up. Sigh, I am tired to my bones.

The Monkey will be starting in a new school district next year. Looooong story I won't go into, but we are going to have to meet new teachers soon and determine which special education program we like. Ugh, that is a task I could do without, the Monkey and his curent teacher are a match made in heaven, and I so wish the circumstances had played out differently and he could stay with her. But with this new chapter, he may love his new teacher even more...we will see.

The Hubs and I have started attending a local church near our home, and really enjoy this time. We look forward to going, and are excited about this new journey. It is definitely a positive change in our life we are happy about. It is essential to helping us survive.

My yard and typical hobbies are a reflection of my current survival mode. My front flower beds, which are usually my pride and joy in the spring, look like the front walk to a haunted house. I planted new flowers, but they died quicker than a Lindsay Lohan film. They were not the hardy quality of the old ones I had out there the last three years. Live and learn. I should have stuck with the same flowers. I have no idea what they are called, I just know they lived through 3 years of Texas summer and drought with little to no watering.  My vegetable garden is a mess. I planted some of my veggies for the spring, but have not been able to get out and do much to keep up with my garden, so the weeds have taken over adding to my haunted house motif. My lettuce is doing well though, and when I go harvest it (with a baby on my hip) I manage to only get a few weeds in the mix. We have enjoyed it for salads with dinner a couple of nights per week. It is so much better than store bought lettuce. I have peppers and zucchini and tomatoes growing...hopefully this summer they will yield some good results.  Yum.

In other half finished news, I had eluded to some big plans in our future, and they did come to fruition. We bought the house we live in! Yay!!! Yep, our little country place was a rental and we finally worked out a deal to purchase it from the owners. It was a grueling and very testing process but we got through it and now we own it!  Now, the real task begins, in that we plan to finish out our attached garage into a master suite for me and Hubs, thus giving the baby his own room, and all of us a little more breathing room. We haven't had much time to work on things though, and the progress has been halted by the Hubs grueling work schedule and some unexpected summer expenses. But we will get there eventually. Maybe the baby will have his own room in time for high school prom ;) (Oh but if he sleeps in our room for that long..I doubt he would be asking anyone to the prom...pretty sure he would be a weirdo or worse Norman Bates-ish.)

For now, we are just living day to day. Dealing with changes, and too much work, not enough time. We are eating slightly weedy lettuce and continuing to dream about our renovations that have not started yet. We are watching a little boy grow, and get teeth, an learn to walk...and get into EVERYTHING!
{I was supposed to get out of the picture...but my Momma sense would only let me go that far...thus my disembodied arm, I am also holding the buffet runner down so he doesn't pull my wedding photos and his new born birth pictures, amongst other things, down onto himself. This is the only place in the living room I have anything decorative left. Mainly becasue this piece is tall enough he can't reach it....until he figured out to push things over to it and climb...}

Life is good. Hectic, but we are blessed.

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