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Friday, June 6, 2014

Get A Haircut and Get a Real Job

Summer is starting TODAY!!
The kids are out of school, and I begin the countdown to PLEASE GOD WHEN DO THEY GO BACK!?

A few updates on us and our slice of heaven:

This Little Dude got his first Haircut. He was so excited!

He also started daycare....holy SICK ALL THE TIME!
 Thus this face:

{Mom, staying home from work...again...with a sick child. Please tell me how this daycare thing is helpful? I spend more time out of work with a sick child than he is AT daycare to pick up germs.Oh and I still pay for the days he isn't there..I am in the wrong business}

Sissy got herself a real job for the summer...waitressing at a local restaurant near our house. Hello grown up summer! Job, car, responsibility, freedom.

Monkey is hanging out with a special nanny all summer who comes to our house and watches him there in his own element. We are excited...and very very poor.

And finally:
Cry it out update: I feel like I shouldn't tell you this. You know there are certain things in life that are so amazing and wonderful that you fear if you talk or brag about them they will ~poof~ disappear into thin air?  OK, if I do tell you this, I am going to have to kill you. (Just kidding...but seriously though...pretend you never saw me type this) For whatever magical alignment of the stars....Piglet has started sleeping through the night.....
Through no fault of our own. We tried crying it out, we tried everything under the sun. Nothing worked, nothing! Until I took him to the doctor and she told me he STILL had an ear infection after three rounds of antibiotics. She gave me another round, and a tiny bottle of ear pain drops. He gets them every night before bed...and now...he sleeps. I feel like I won the lottery. OK, now this post will self destruct in! click close now before your computer blows up in your face!

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  1. Of course the stars are aligned; I'm not on call, we have no early morning plans, AND you typed it out.....the Piglet will wake us at 0400 hrs and not go back to sleep till noon.....