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Monday, July 14, 2014

Pickles and a Piglet

Well, I took my first stab at homemade pickles this weekend! It was pretty easy. Now, before we get too excited, I have no idea if they taste good because we have to wait three days, but they look pretty in their jars, no?  I used a simple dill pickle recipe I found online, then tweeked it somewhat and kinda made it my own thing. I'll let you know how they taste- if they turn out yummy I will share the recipe. If they turn out bad, let's just pretend this never happened. Most pickle recipes I found online were for refrigerator pickles, not hot process pickles. I wanted to hot process mine so they would have a shelf life, so I kind of just combined a refrigerator recipe and basic canning methods, then added my own spices and sorta winged the rest. You know me...I fly by the seat of my pickle pants.

These pickles are extra special because not only did we make them ourselves, they were grown by my Dad! Yep he grew everyone one of these cucumbers in his garden. He already has another batch ready for me to turn into some bread and butter pickles...can't wait to try those.

We have been super busy around our place with building our barn, which has taken longer than we expected, but is finally nearing the end. I will post pictures of it when it is is a labor of love, and has been labored on intensively by the Hubs (most) my dad (alot) myself (some) and the occasional help from good friends who stop by and lend a hand...and a nail gun. Otherwise we have been charging through summer: working, taking care of constantly sick children, getting Piglet set up for a ear tube surgery at the end of the month :( . The usual.

If you can believe it, that little Piglet is going to 1 year old on Wednesday...ONE! When did this happen!? I feel like just yesterday I was giving birth to  him...nope that was a year ago. At this time last year I was a 17 months pregnant (not really) and walking laps around my parking lot at work every opportunity I got. (My doctor told me walking would make him come faster) We all know how that went....

He is the one walking now, like a little top heavy T-Rex. He has teeth, lots of them, and talks a little, calls me Momma, squeels in excitement for his "Dada", gives hi-fives, flirts with every woman we encounter, and pretty much has captured every single space in my heart. My God, in one year, 365 days, we went from this:
{3 days post partum, first day home...dear Lord, I look tired}

To now this:

{Look at that belly...LOOK AT IT! The cuteness is devastating}

This little skinny legged Squish...

Is now our little farmer
I have blinked, and year has gone by. I have blinked and my baby is now a toddler. No more baby. I shop in the toddler section now. It is such a cliche and said again and again, because it is true: They grow up so fast. Time is flying by, FLYING. I will blink twice more and will be blogging his first day of school.
Stay tuned for an EPIC first birthday is gonna be MONSTEROUS!!!!


  1. Love your spirit... And, you do have to blink occasionally... sometimes those blink seconds are the only sleep you get, right?
    ... sweet little one...
    And good luck with the pickles! I've had really good luck with the bread & butter recipe I used... although it is a little shocking to realize that they take equal pounds of cucumbers and sugar,,, yummy... but kind of takes the "vegetable" quality out of it, doesn't it.

    1. Thanks Helen. Yes, I feel the same on how much sugar went into jam making...kinda didnt feel like fruit almost an entire BAG of sugar...whoa.