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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Were you Raised in a barn? Why yes, yes I was...

I know, I know. The blog, I haven't written in 2 months. I am officially that girl you went on an awesome date with, who was so into you, then didn't call you for 2 months.  And now... some tipsy Saturday night is like "Hey cutie, What's Up!?" Like nothing ever happened. Excuse me long lost girl....your stuff is already in a box on the porch
Sorry about that. So um it was me not you...

But no seriously, I have just been so busy....

Jeez this really does sound like I am trying to get you to take me back.  So will my blog date again? You will, you forgive me! Ok, well let's catch up then.

So, it has been crazy town at our place for what seems like forever, but in reality it has been since about June. In June, the Hubs and I had an awesome idea. "Hey our house is WAAAAY too small, so...instead of looking for a new house, let's buy this too small one from the owners (we were renting) and add an awesome master suite onto it. Problem solved. **I know, as I type that out, it sounds like it is destined for failure...maybe I should have written a blog post from the beginning...(that kids is what we call foreshadowing)  So our grand plan included buying our house from our landlord. This option had been discussed since day one, and we love our house, and the location and the country setting, so we were all: "ok!" We bought it for a good price.  Step two was to build a barn in the back of our property to house all of the animal feed we have and all of the items that currently reside in our garage (lawn mowers, tools, etc) Once those items could take up residence in our newly constructed barn, we could use our large, two car garage space as a master suite. Of course we would need to make several modifications, including air conditioning, plumbing, windows, etc, but that was the plan.  We gave our selves two weeks in June to complete the barn....
Last weekend we were still working on it. Yeah...I know...

 {The Barn as it sits now. You like my fancy stylizing with the giant Sonic cup?..nice touch I know}

It is finally coming together and looks just how we hoped, but it took more like 4 months, not 2 weeks. That was our first underestimation. (Our plan is to eventually move the chicken coop back further on our property, but for now, it is kinda ugly, and right next to our new barn, but hey, they were there first.

It still needs doors and a ramp and some trim work, but otherwise it is pretty well complete. We built every single stick of it ourselves, every shingle, every nail. Well us and some wonderful friends and family who spent many hours out there sweating with us.

So with the barn coming to a state of readiness to accept it's new lawnmower occupants, we set about finding contractors to build our dream room. (Our original plan was to do the bedroom additon ourselves.  After seeing what it took to build the barn- BAHAHAHA (Maniacal laugh) we decided HELL NO. And had agreed in order to keep our sanity, and to maybe move into our room before the Piglet graduates college, we should hire someone.

So we took bids. Insert more maniacal laughter here. All of the bids were for HALF THE COST OF OUR ENTIRE HOUSE. Yes you read that correctly. To finish out an already existing structure on our home, add lighting, a/c, bathroom, it would have cost 1/2 the purchase price of our entire home and land. Um no. So dream bedroom swirls down the toilet that never was installed. Oh and  Barn and your thousands of hours of build were all for nothing. (But I  do like it though, and am still happy we did it. Now we can maybe use our garage for normal people stuff like parking our cars, not housing hay bails and animal feed....we really did need a barn.)

So after many late nights, and many changed decisions about financing and selling our house, and back and forth. We decided to just stay where we are for now. We are going to try putting the boys in a shared room together. (Get the toddler out of OUR room) We are apprehensive about this though. The Monkey has autism, and doesn't grasp many concepts a typical 7 year old you can't let your baby brother out of his crib, or don't give him tiny toys, etc. But we are hopeful and are going to try it out cautiously. We have bought a really good night vision camera monitor, and will keep Piglet in his crib for safety for a while longer.

We are currently in the process of redecorating their room in to a new shared space, and I am having a blast with it. I can't wait to show you the finished product. That, I promise, is coming soon. (No really, I will call you in the morning this time ;) )

So for now, we are going to focus our efforts, time, and money on fixing up the house we do have. We have goals of adding a deck, and redoing our floors and bathroom. One room at a time. For now, the boys' room is almost complete.

And of course, they cannot get enough of "playing in the barn"


  1. Look at it this way Darlin; Once we get the barn, new coop, new floors, paint, back deck, and all finished, we can invite the rest of the residents in our old folks home over for a party (which would last until everyone falls asleep, or 15 minutes, whichever comes first)....