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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Boys Room

The Monkey and the Piglet are going to share a room. After many long hours of planning, replanning; decisions, redecision, undecisions, bad decisions, good decisions, and a barn: the boys are going to share a room. I discuss in a little more detail our journey to this point here. From "let's build on an addition! to let's just finish this damn barn! to ugh let's just sell this place!, to let's just stay here and love the one we are with...."

First project on the agenda in staying in the house we are in was finishing this damn barn. Other than one piece of trim on the bottom right side and a latch for the is done
Yes is finally done

The Barn from Mordor:
{Oh it looks quaint and peaceful, with the sun setting behind it and chickens clucking softly next to it...don't be is the devil}

My next project was moving the boys into a room together. The Piglet is a toddler now, he is still sleeping in our room.  I've discussed before how my fear is any prolonged sleeping in the room with your parents will turn you into Norman Bates. Plus, ya know, we are kinda ready to have our room back. He can talk now, and holler at me at night. "No No Milk Mama!" at 3am is as much fun as it sounds.  The plan was to move the Piglet into the room last week. But then he came down with a 104 fever and welp: nope, he stayed right where he was, 4 feet from my side. So we are going to try again this week now that he is feeling better. As of today, though, his crib is still in our room. So the pictures don't include his bed. Oh but he loves playing in his big boy room!!!

 I painted the walls with Valspar "Feldspar" satin (say that 5 times fast) It is a blueish grey and we love how it turned out. The "BROTHERS" letters I purchased at Hobby Lobby as raw chip board letters. They were 1/2 off that week so they were .99 cents each. I painted them with regular old craft paint in colors I thought complimented the rug on the floor (from Target's kids collection) I like the weight of the chip board letters, very lightweight and smooth, they finish very nicely. I added little robot stickers to the letters after they were dry, the boys love them. The reading "nook" in the corner includes two leather ottomans my mom had at a garage sale and a red wire book rack from Hobby Lobby. Again, wait until things go on half off, they rotate weekly. So worth it. The larger ottoman opens up and houses some large wooden puzzles and some shape matching games.

I wanted a place to display the boys' art work. I created this chalk board out of a cheap framed chalk board form the craft store with a raw unfinished frame. I painted it with the same craft paint as the letters. I affixed some twine across the top with hot glue and covered the attachments with pre-made wooden robots. Stick on some clothes pins and Presto! The white letters are just stickers I had on hand. I put it up high for now. The Piglet likes to rip paper currently and eat now it is out of reach. When he gets older I hope to move it down so they can write and play on the chalk board and choose their own display art.
The bedding I purchased at Target. I had found some robot sheets from Land of Nod I fell in love with...but um...I haven't won the lottery recently and am so not cool enough to have sponsored posts; so 100$ sheets are out for a 7 and 1 year old. I found some cute robot sheets in the baby section at Target. But they only had this pattern as a crib sheet. So...I bought two crib sheets. One for the Piglet's crib and I used the other to sew into a pillow sham for the Monkey's big bed. I just cut the elastic off and used the square of fabric for a pillow sham. I will use the robot sheet as a crib sheet for Piglet until we transfer him to a big boy bed, then cut it up and make him a matching pillow too. Since his bed is not yet in the room, this is a just a sample of their bedding side by side for your viewing pleasure. Their quilts were clearance items at Target I snagged for $19 each.

{The Piglet is thrilled to be playing with all the big boy toys}
Toy storage is always an issue in a kid's room, but imagine combining two kids worth of toys into one room that is very small. Oh and did I mention they have very giving was tough. I had to be brutal, and let a lot of toys go that they had either outgrown or were too dangerous to have around the Piglet (ie- small parts-choking hazards.) Honestly. I purged their toys one night while they slept...they haven't seemed to even notice.
This wood piece used to be our old TV stand. I re purposed it as a "toy holder" years ago. I use baskets and buckets and it works well. The blue chevron tubs are from Lowe's home storage department.  I would love to "style" this room with a lovely lamp and some stylish accents on this shared nightstand...but let's be real people. This is a kids' room, for a 1 year old and a 7 year old. I could put that stuff on there for about 2 seconds to take a picture of it...only if I locked them out of the room for the process. Then it would be trashed. I scoured the Internets for ideas for this room and saw so many pictures of children's bedrooms with stylish accents on their little shelves (like a real old rusty boat prop and anchor in one nautical themed room...uh nope) but that is not real life.  And my little Monkey is autistic, and those Cars that are all lined up on that night stand with a Pumpkin lording over them..they are REQUIRED to be there right next to him as he sleeps...or he won't. They are carefully selected and arranged and WE know all of them by name, and God forbid one gets left out in the car or the barn-Rastacarian must be rescued before bed.

The boys have matching banners over their beds. The Piglet's is from his birthday party. I liked it so much I kept it for over his crib. The Monkey wanted one too, so I made him one out of scrapbook paper and ribbon.
The next project in our "love the one you're with" house....redoing the kitchen floor. It is hideous. We are thinking vinyl plank wood. Stay tuned!