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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Time to Air the Dirty Laundry

The Hubs has been out of town all week for work, and I tend to do better with the time alone when I have a project. So, at the last minute, I decided to work on our laundry room this week to pass my time. 

Slowly but surely we are moving through our house and systematically redoing most of the spaces and finishes in our home. We are making this place ours and making it beautiful. So far, we have redone our floors, painted and redecorated the boys' shared room, glass  painted some tile in our kitchen, painted our front door, built a barn, replaced parts of our fence, replaced and stained our rotting front proch posts, replaced our rotting mailbox, and replaced some very dated and ugly light fixtures and hardware through out the house. 

I had no plan for the laundry room, it just seemed like a good little project I could complete on my own while the Hubs was gone. I knew I would only be able to work on it in the evenings after all the kiddos went to bed. That is the time the loneliness hits me, and I was glad to have a project. 

My friend Leilani over at Keeping up with Mrs. Smith is currently working on redoing her laundry room. Bless her heart, hers is a much bigger undertaking than mine. But her post did inspire me to tackle this room I most often just preferred to keep the door closed on.

Now, I suck at remembering to take before pictures. I ALWAYS forget. I get so excited that half way through my work I think "Crap!!! I didn't take a before shot!" This time was no exception. The best you get is two blurry crap pictures I took after we laid our new vinyl plank flooring. Sorry.... 

 This room was this lovely shade of yellow when we moved in. My blurry crap pictures don't do it much justice.  I would compare it to the homey shade of a school bus, or a two lane road stripe. Plus I believe the people who lived here before us REALLY used this as a utility room. The walls were covered with scratches and black streaks and blemishes. 

So are you ready for the reveal.....drumroll...........

 Tada! I used 'Olympic Paint and Primer in ONE' in Ocean Breeze with a satin finish. It took way more paint than I anticipated. In addition to choosing a lovely shade I can only guess was called ode to school zone sign, the previous painters decided to add a sand texture to the yellow. It SUCKED to paint over. It drank the paint in, and required tons of elbow grease. I actually got blisters from having to push so hard on my roller. 

I love love love the color and how it turned out, but the real fun was in the details for me. The basket above the shelves holds spare linens and is the old laundry basket from the before pictures. It was a little too small for our needs..again refer to crappy blurry pictures.. see overflow. 
 Faith is our dog's name. She is new to our family. We adopted her at the animal shelter a few weeks ago. I'll post more on her later. She is awesome. She loves the kids, and lets the baby poke and pull at her and ride her like a horse. We went in the shelter and told them we wanted a small weenie dog. We came home with her instead...she's a 50 lb doberman with the heart and tolerance of a saint.... 
The large laundry basket is from Ross. A bargain at 8.99! The runner covers some nasty marks and scratches on the top of the dryer. We bought the dryer used from some girl in a Houston alley. Yeah... I know.. weird. The topiary I had from many many moons ago. Same story for my chalk board bucket that holds our laundry tabs. I think I got in the Target dollar bins like 4 years ago. The little soup can is actually a table decoration from my wedding to the Hubs. It held silverware at our shabby chic "burlap and lace"wedding. It literally is an old soup can I tied pretty stuff to. I loved it so much I kept it and use it to hold spare change and junk that comes out in the legos and important sticks and rocks #momoflittleboysproblems

My ironing board is now hanging. Which is awesome because it has whacked me in the hip countless times or flat fallen on my head if not propped juuust right. My iron fits nicely in the cabinets, so instead I used that space to hold our spare grocery bag stash box. Old sturdy box, cut a hole, cover with pretty paper, reinforce with packing tape to prevent tears, done. I made the ironing board cover myself because pretty ones are EXPENSIVE. I used jersey fabric in grey and used my original cover as a template. No sew glue plus elastic...done.  

My fancy pretty hook for dog leashes and the likes.  A flare for the  dramatics.

So that is it!! That is how I spent my week with no Hubs. How is your week going?


  1. Wow, you did a fantastic job Hon. I love it!

  2. Oh I do love that color. I'd paint the laundry room that shade if I wasn't trying to keep the consistency of the white in the rumpus room. Sand textured paint is pure evil. A dumb dumb invention. Love that there are such things as important sticks and rocks. That was an lol moment. Lovely work, Ms Hen!

    1. Thank you so much! I love the bead board in your rumpus room, so classic and timeless.

  3. That's a lovely shade of blue. My laundry room is also yellow and in need of new paint. Thanks for sharing your makeover.