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Monday, August 22, 2016

A New Hen House

The old Hen House, in all her fall glory

So, it has been over a year since I last blogged. And I have really been missing it. Missing the friends it made for me,  missing an outlet to share my projects and random thoughts. Kind of like an old friend you haven't seen in a really long time, and just lost touch with...where do you start? My work responsibilities changed dramatically in the last year or so, and blogging just wasn't really an option. But now, I am finding myself missing it so much, I am going to find time for it.

Where to begin: I will start with our biggest change in our lives and go from there.

We sold the old Hen House.
Can you believe it?

Yep. Sold it, in less than one day. It went on the market on a Saturday. Our first showing was that afternoon, and they made an offer. All of the love and hard work we had poured into the old Hen House had really paid off. I thought I would be so sad to see her go. So many memories were made there. So many projects, and hours of labor and love.

But I was way too busy freaking out to be sad because.... well, we had NO WHERE in mind to move to! So we asked our fabulous realtor to help us find a place quick! We spent the next few weeks  touring houses in our area that met our requirements. Easy enough:  Enough bedrooms for everyone to have their own, and lots of property. Well, it wasn't that easy. And me being me, was freaking out at the fact that we were set to close on our other house and still didn't have a place to move. "We are going to be homeless for Christmas!" I said every day.  The Hubs assured me we wouldn't and God had a plan for us. We saw some very, um, interesting places to say the least.  I could write a whole post on the crazy houses we toured; from a log cabin with a crooked and sloping second floor, to a huge house that had shimmering metallic rose wallpaper and yards and yards of bright teal carpet.

Then our realtor, Ms. Joan, who we came to love, and think of as a friend, sent me a link to a listing of a house I had seen before. It had met our property requirements and house size, but my first response to it was NOPE! The paint colors, outside and in were, horrendous. But by now, I was desperate, and I had a moment of clarity. "Paint is the easiest and cheapest thing in a house to fix. Look at the bones" I told myself. I loved the land, I loved the layout, I loved the floors and fixtures. It was just the paint. So I showed the Hubs that night. I gave him the same pep talk I gave myself. "Ignore the paint" I said. Together,  we scrolled through a listing on a house that sat amongst rolling pasture land. It had a barn, and chicken coop. It had a fence, and a long winding driveway. It was perfect, well except that is was painted orange-ish tan with bright red  trim on the outside, and on the inside: hot pink, lime green, teal, royal blue, bright red, yellow, grey, light pink, and a complete Dallas Cowboys painted room. Yes, all those paint colors were in this house. Just, well, not my cup of tea. I prefer a calming space when I come home. And going to the bathroom in a tiny toilet room the color of a green highlighter was not my idea of calming.

Anyway, Ms. Joan took us on a walk through. It was perfect. We loved the land. We loved the gorgeous views from every window in the house. We loved that the only neighbors we had were cows, donkeys, horses and pasture land. We made an offer, they accepted, and closed on both houses the week before Thanksgiving.

Photo from the listing...

Fast forward to now: We have been here almost a year. As fall approaches, I realize we have been in our dream home for almost a year now and I can't believe it.

I have spent so much time painting this house, I am practically a pro.

We went with a dark grey and white for the outside, much more my subdued style.
I love this picture, Piglet is riding his bike up the driveway. It is pretty much the view of our driveway every single evening.

We had the outside painted by a professional, I was not up to that daunting task. Now almost every single wall inside and outside of this house has been painted. And we love this place.

Welcome to the New Hen House
Come sit a spell
We added the stained decking to the front porch.  It was crumbling concrete before. I love to sit out on the front porch in the evenings. There is a gorgeous view of the sunset. And we have a hawk and an owl that hunt in the trees at dusk.

View from the front porch

View facing North
We started a little orchard in the back . We planted an apple tree, peach tree, and pecan tree.

The Barn
It even came with a chicken coop. Our girls love it.
This little lady came with the house. The former owners moved 'not too far' up the street. When we closed, they warned us that she refused to come with them, and kept making her way back to the old house. After several attempts at returning her to her owners, we asked if she could just stay, and they agreed. No one asked her if she wanted to move! She is a good cat. She was officially named Mittens, but the boys call her "cat."

I thought I would be sad to leave the old hen house, but God had such an amazing new home in store for us, that we have never looked back. We have made so many amazing memories here already.
Daddy's Little Shadow

S'mores for Fourth of July
This is my happy place. This is where my boys can run, and play, and get dirty, and we are so blessed by this place.

I thought today I would give you a little glimpse at the outside of the Hen House, and follow up with an interior tour with befores and afters  later this week!

It is great to be back blogging. I have missed you all!
Happy Monday


  1. You have done a wonderful job of turning that highlighter interior into our home!

  2. You have done a wonderful job of turning that highlighter interior into our home!

  3. Thanks for the tour! Love the outdoor paint color choices. Gah! If paint was the only issue we had to fix. Excited for you and your new dream home!

    1. Thank you!! I know...we are so lucky to just have paint to contend with. No haunted bathrooms or anything! ;)