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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A peak inside the Master Roost

As promised, I wanted to give you a peak inside the new Henhouse.  I thought we would start with our little roost, the master bedroom and bathroom. I think this room, by far, was the room that offended my eyes the most. I didn't even unpack all the boxes before I painted this bathroom. I just couldn't stand it.  The bedroom is painted a nice caramel cream color. It is warm and cozy, and I didn't mind continuing that color into the master bath.  The master bath opens right up into the bedroom. There is no door. So this offensive lime green and royal blue room glowed in at me every morning. I painted it on day 3.

The Before .....
And After.....
 The Hubs built the mirror frame.  I love it. It really helped add some character to that giant wall mirror held up with plastic clips. The frame is held on with command picture hanging strips directly on the glass. It is solid as a rock.  (Look it up on Pinterest, there are a million tutorials.)

The bedroom was this color to begin with, so we stuck with it. It is warm and cozy. A drastic contrast to the former electric blue and green.

 See no door. Green and blue had to go.

(Side note- notice the little pallet to the right of our bed. That is where the Piglet choice. He has his own room, and his own bed, but he is at an age where sleeping in his own room scares the crap out of him.  For a long time we would get him to sleep, gently and carefully carry him into his bed and tuck him in. Only for blood curdling screams to ensue a few hours later as he came running hysterically through the dark house and into our bed. Then came the hour long job of getting him consoled, and convinced all the "spookies" were locked outside, and it was ok. We tried nightlights, we tried a white noise machine, we tried different curtains that didn't "blow in the wind and look spooky" Nothing worked. And a 3 year old in your bed is no fun. He kicks, and flops, and no one gets any sleep.  So, as a compromise, I stopped letting him in our bed and let him make a little pallet on the floor next to me for a few nights, and it kinda stuck. I used to fold up the blankets every morning and vow he would sleep in his bed the next night.  And now, I have just resigned myself to it; this is the only place he will sleep. Meh well, eventually he will sleep in his room, but for now, it is a compromise I am fine with. He is happy and feels safe and secure sleeping down there. And we all get a good night's sleep.

Happy Hump Day! See ya soon with a glimpse at the heart of our home, the kitchen and living room.


  1. Wow Darlin. You made our house look great, but your pics make it look even better. I saw the pics and thought "Geez, I want to live there...wait, I DO" !

    1. Congratulations on the new house that you two are quickly turning in to a home. I look forward seeing all the changes I know you and Paul have made.