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Friday, September 30, 2016

Fall has arrived

Oh my very favorite time of year is here. Fall.

Fall in Texas can be hit or miss. Some years it is blazing hot until November, other years we get a little more cool mornings and clear skies. This year seems to be one of those blessed years. Tomorrow is October 1st, and this morning, it was 52 degrees at my house. The Piglet needed a jacket! Huzah! This weekend we will throw open the windows and enjoy this gorgeous fall weather God has blessed us with.

We have a few little fall decorations up around the place. My squashy pumpkins adorn the gorgeous table the hubs built for me.  I don't do too much decorating, we like to keep everything simple and pretty clutter free, but a few pumpkin displays....I can't help myself. My little helper had to assist with this decorating. He is our little shadow. And whether it is helping me in the kitchen, or helping the Hubs drive the tractor, he is always right there, "helping..." ;) When he helped me decorate with these pumpkins his "all boy" nature came through. After we set them just so and stood back to admire our work he exclaimed "Now, we crush with a Monster Truck!" I talked him out of this quickly...
The Helper....Pretty sure bare little toes on the counter is a health code violation....

As a little fall present I thought I would share a few more inside pictures of the new place!
Try to bear in mind that the kitchen, when we moved in was two toned yellow and barn red.  
It took 3 tries for me to be happy with the color in the kitchen and dining room. So. Much. Paint.

Here is to a weekend at home full of mowing with tractors, tending fall gardens, making apple jam, and drinking 2 pots of coffee on the porch.


  1. Love all your sweet fall touches--especially the porch rack. I passed through your area on the way to Houston this week. Wished I could have visited!

  2. Oh that would have been lovely! We need to make a date to visit!!!

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